Immediate Release: New Peer to Peer Membership Program

Written by on October 21, 2017

To: The Members of E-Vision Business Center LP

The Board of Directors would like to thank all members and friends who participate in the various pilot programs with Palmetto Leadership Institute and E-Vision Business Center LP. Your participation in our pilot programs allow us to refine our mission and determine how we can make the business center effective for entrepreneurs.
The Board of Directors have determined several key factors in low income communities
Part-time startup business has few resources to afford membership dues
Personality assessments required to determined collaboration and group thinking model
Creation of Peer Membership Selection process
Determine start-up capitalization plan for start-up
Assess commitment level of participate in their start-up

The Board of Directors have decided that the new E-Vision Business Center Inc will focus on technology start-ups and business models that incorporate emerging technology to grow their business. We understand that some participates are challenged in the areas of technology and will address that issue in January 2018 with the launch of E-VisionEdu powered by TraiPAR . The new AI-based learning and development platform that will help you stay competitive and learn technology skills to grow their business.
We have selected the following members as our new FastTrack Members for E-Vision Business Center Inc. These members will become of new membership selection committee and will have access exclusive access to our new emerge start-up protégé program.
Cutrite Landscaping LLC
Yard Vibes LLC
Applewood Legal Services, LP
M & J’S Wings & Plenty
Active Art Expressions

Application Pending: Applicant will have to been approved by committee after presentation

U Select
ArtChatz LLC

* If you are not listed, feel free to re-apply on Nov 1, 2017 when membership application will be available. 

CONCEPT PARTNER & CONCEPT NERDS Program- The Following businesses have been selected as strategic start-up partners. We will promote and assist these partners in growing their business by allowing them to provide services for the Business Center.
Emulous Studios LLC
Jeremiah Photography
Zuku LP

VET360 STARTUP PROGRAM will become FREE for qualified veterans and automatically qualify for our VET360 Apprenticeship Program for skills and on job training.
Blessed Motors LLC
It’sjust Numb3rs
Kenneth Jones
Marcus Thomas

The previous active members from E-Vision Business Center LP will be considered associate members will allows them to follow us and participate in our private social media groups. All active members will have 30 Days to update their application and accept new terms of service. We again thank all who have supported us in this process. The new associate membership is FREE and gives Entrepreneurship enthusiast.

The new E-Vision Business Center Inc will have new office hours for members only and is not open to the general public. The center will be hosting public events, webinar and digital media production activities starting this fall of 2017.



John Bryant, CEO E-Vision Business Center Inc.

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