About Us

Our Approach

The E-Vision Business Center L.P. is a unique partnership between not-for profit organizations and for profit corporations that establish financial and logistical support.

Concept Office

The center (CONCEPT OFFICE) is designed to support and increase the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses in reduced-wealth communities. We incorporate application based business training, guerrilla marketing and cash-flow counseling.

The Objective

The objective of the center is to uplift rural neighborhoods by growing small businesses and strengthen local charities that fuel the creation of jobs and improve services within the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is the collaboration with industry partners providing a wide range of small business crucial services, training, capitalization and resources, while focused on their growth and development.Attract the best start-ups and entrepreneur organizations from across rural America.
Equip innovators and organizations alike with the entrepreneurship skills required to succeed, using methodologies that transcend traditional learning.
Educate & promote all entrepreneurship related stakeholders in South Carolina, including start-ups, investors, incubators and accelerators, research centers, startup resources etc.

Concept Office Incubator Program

Assistance & Services

• Financial Management
• Guerrilla Marketing
• Business Plan Development
• Digital Media Strategy Development
• Information Management
• Not-For-Profit Governance

Workshops and Training

• Entrepreneurial Training Program
• Veteran Business Startup
• Small Business Development, Cash-Flow and Capitalization
• Not-For-Profit Development Workshops

Digital Media Services

• Video Production
• Video Editing
• Photography
• Web Design
• Digital Publishing

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